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Best Leaf Blowers for Maintaining Curb Appeal

With the temperature dropping, leaves will soon be falling—a telltale sign of the first day of autumn! If you live in one of the best places to see foliage, you’re likely accustomed to the beautiful sight of brightly colored leaves adorning the ground. For some, however, it’s a signifier of yet another outdoor chore: removing leaves. That’s why a leaf blower is so handy!

A leaf blower makes quick, efficient work of fallen leaves; a speedy alternative to the traditional rake. With fall landscaping—just add that to the list of lawn mowing, weed killing, and watering your plants with the garden hose. Surprisingly, there are many different types of leaf blowers: corded, cordless, handheld, backpack, and walk-behind—all of which have various levels of health and environmental impact. (Who knew leaf blowers were so complex?)

That’s where we come in! We did the research on the best leaf blowers. We’ve picked the best of the best in each category, so you can blow leaves into glorious piles for fun-filled fall adventures or round them up into heaps for trash bag disposal—all without fussing about the blower. We’ve broken down these top-rated products, depending on your preference of power, price, and mobility. All you have to do is browse, read, and find the best fit for you.

Despite the name, leaf blowers can be used for more than just leaves. They are handy to have for blow sticks, cobwebs, debris, and more. This pick from Toro is great for all lawn blowing needs. It’s versatile, dependable, and a solid option for under $100.

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