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Blog Post Ideas for Your Small Business Blog

If you have a small business blog, you know how important it is to post on a consistent basis. Not only are blogs an excellent way to give your business credibility in your niche, but they are also an integral part of any content marketing strategy. By providing fresh, relevant, and interesting content to your readers, you give them a reason to keep coming back while increasing the likelihood of a future purchase.

It’s not always easy to pump out fresh content, though, especially if you feel like you have nothing to write about. This list of 40 blog post ideas should help you break through your writer’s block and create several highly engaging posts for your blog.

Blog Post Ideas

    1. Share the success story of one of your customers, especially how it relates to your products or services.
    2. Compile a list of the best tools or apps or software for business owners in your industry.
    3. Answer a set of the most frequently asked questions you receive in your business.
    4. Record a video (or video series) demonstrating how to do something.
    5. Write about what made you want to become a business owner.
    6. Provide a free template, tip sheet, checklist, or other downloadable content that would be useful to your readers.
    7. Showcase one of your products.
    8. Create a list of people to follow on Twitter.
    9. Explain a process relevant to your industry in a step-by-step post.
    10. Profile an employee in a post.
    11. Profile a long-time customer.
    12. Write a “what not to do” or the biggest mistakes post.
    13. Share a personal story to inspire your readers.
    14. Provide a behind-the-scenes look that shows pictures and anecdotes from your office or shop.
    15. Give an update on what’s happening in your company over the next 30 or 60 days; recap the past 30.
    16. Curate popular content and post a list of the best content in your niche.
    17. Share a collection of customers’ comments, compliments, and testimonials.
    18. Write a recap of an event you attended.
    19. Post a list of famous (or not-so-famous) quotes that have inspired you in your business.
    20. Interview an influential person in your industry (and ask your readers to submit questions ahead of time).
    21. Compile a list of the most popular posts on your blog.
    22. Create a blog scavenger hunt.
    23. Compile a list of useful and relevant posts on other related blogs.
    24. Review a product, book, or event that your readers care about.
    25. Go off-topic and share something unrelated to the usual content you post.
    26. Give a social media summary, sharing all of your social profiles and samples of the content you post on each platform (with encouragement to follow, like, pin, etc.)
    27. Run a contest or host a giveaway.
    28. Write a makeover post showing the before and after when you redecorated your office, redesigned your website, or updated your logo.
    29. Poll your readers on what they want to see more or less of, then use the feedback for future posts.
    30. Share your biggest lessons learned as a small business owner.
    31. List job openings you are currently trying to fill in your business.
    32. Highlight your favorite local charity (and encourage your readers to donate).
    33. Compile a list of books that have helped you in your business journey.
    34. Promote an event your business is sponsoring.
    35. Share the history of your business in a storytelling format.
    36. Post a list of your own business goals for the year and encourage your readers to share theirs in the comments section.
    37. Compile a list of the top influencers in your niche.
    38. Create an infographic that covers a topic often discussed in your industry.
    39. Invite your readers to submit a guest post on your blog.
    40. Post a list of the most useful online resources for your colleagues or customers.

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