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The Corporate Finance Career Path: From Analyst Monkey to CFO

What better way to understand a typical corporate finance career path than to hear from a professional who has been there and done that?

Nicolas was a Financial Analyst at General Electric where he explored the world of Corporate Finance. He is now a CFO and Partner at Wild is the Game.

You’re sitting in front of your computer reading your 102nd rejection email:

“Thanks for your interest, but we have already hired for this position.”

You start to feel desperate, when out of the blue a friend calls. “If you’re in interested in a corporate finance career, I have an opening for you at a Fortune 500 company for an Analyst position. What do you say?”

You answer, tongue in cheek, “What’s corporate finance?”.  Or maybe slightly stronger: “Are you joking? You know that it’s banking or bust for me!”

If that’s you, you need to rethink what you just said.

No, corporate finance is NOT as “prestigious” as investment banking, and it doesn’t give you as many exit opportunities.

It’s a different world altogether.

But it’s also a world where you can still make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even into the millions if you’re at the right company in the right role.

We’ll give you a complete breakdown of the world of corporate finance careers here, including:

  • How the corporate finance department is organized at a Fortune 500 company.
  • What you do on a daily basis in the Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) division.
  • Why accounting is not (always) just a 9-to-5 job that bores you to death.
  • Why Treasury roles are crucial and why they can mean life or death for a company.
  • How you can make it to the top of the ladder and become a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

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